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Welcome to my personal website!

My research background is 50/50 in pre-clinical cancer imaging and computational modeling of tumor growth and response.  I now combine these techniques to personalize mathematical models.   The overall goal of this effort is to develop tumor-specific mathematical models of tumor growth that can be used to forecast treatment outcomes using a subjects own data (imaging or otherwise).  Computational methods that can accurately forecast or predict response to different therapies  could dramatically improve  patient outcomes and cause a shift in the clinical paradigm.   While my efforts originated in the pre-clinical setting, more recently we have begun translating this to the clinical setting with collaborations locally and at the MD Anderson Cancer Center.

I am currently a Research Scientist within the Center for Computational Oncology
at the Oden Institute in the University of Texas at Austin
Feel free to contact me if you are interested in discussing any of this work, developing new collaborations, or anything else related to computational/mathematical oncology.


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